For the angler who demands
the best fishing anchor money can buy

Designed for creeks, lakes or the open ocean. The perfect "3 in 1" reef, sand and mud anchor. The Swiss Army Knife of the ocean.

"I purchased a Boomer All Terrain Anchor and was immediately impressed with the product. I go out where there is really strong current as all my other anchors would not hold there but the Boomer held in there all day. It's a great product. Cheers , Happy boating " Wayne Gazzard,  Seaforth


Holds your boat safely, but if it gets really snagged, the calibrated breakaway system ensures a consistent reliable release.

IT IS SIMPLE. You choose the pin you require to safely hold your boat. If you have a 3-5m boat, use the Small 3mm pin, 5-7m boat, Medium 4mm pin, or 7-9m boat, Larger 5mm pin (pins supplied and easily replaced at local hardware stores).

Naturally rotates and buries into softer surfaces

The anchor releases at approx. 60kg, 100 kgs and 200 kgs for 3, 4 and 5mm shear pins. This is more than adequate to hold your boat while fishing and mooring.

After retrieval simply replace the pin, and you're back in business. 

Your Safety and Caring for the underwater environment are our focus

The consistent calibrated release gives boat owners the best chance to reduce impact by using less excessive force.

No zip-ties or plastics used for release. The tiny metal pins will naturally break down in a short time.

Wide shoulder design aids in natural release

Rarely replace a pin but on the occasion that you need the pin to shear, it is very comforting to know you have a Boomer to rely on.