No,- This can be determined by careful pin selection, unless you are anchoring in extreme conditions outside what would be called "normal" .

The shear pins have been subjected to many workshop breakout tests and years of practical tests to determine that calibrated sweet spot that allows the pin to hold a boat in serious run or breezy conditions and not let go. However, if it becomes stuck you can add motor power past that sweet spot and collapse and retrieve your anchor. Over time and usage, these pins may become fatigued and may let go prematurely under less pressure than normal. We recommend you stay vigilant on the water and perform safety checks on all your boating equipment including your anchor pins and shackles.

The Starter Pack comes with a good supply of pins. We also stock the correct sized pins for your convenience. The simple zinc coated pins/bolts can be found in most hardware stores. If you buy a bulk order and place them in your boat, you will virtually have a lifetime supply.

Their dimensions are:  3mm or 4mm or 5mm x (35 to 40mm)bolts and nuts or wingnuts.

Total Length in working shape- 460mm

Prong tip to tip along the sides - 250mm x 250mm

Tip of the shaft to tip of the bowsprit (picture supplied in gallery) - 360mm

If you are unsure, call us on our chat line or call Duncan on 0427585653

The Boomer is not indestructible. Anchors are designed to work in a very harsh unpredictable environment. This anchor has been tested in these conditions for years and stood up extremely well, but an extreme circumstance could occur and damage the anchor. We have used design and engineering to provide boat owners with a strong, practical anchor that is not heavy and cumbersome.  

This anchor has its own self protection system against extreme force. If the boat owner uses the recommended shear-pins, the calibrated release will cause the anchor to collapse and protect itself from harm. If, for some unknown reason a prong or the shaft bends and can't be knocked back into shape, just replace the part not the whole anchor.

An anchor is a mandatory item of safety equipment on a boat. A boat owner must have one regardless of their desire to use an electric motor. Trolling motors are a great addition to a fishing boat, we agree. They are great when they are working, however they are frustrating and expensive, when things go wrong. For example, google "why isn't my spot lock working?" and you will find countless threads of people with problems. By the time a boat owner has paid for the motor, batteries, charger and the conversion to suit his or her boat, it can add up to over 10 times the cost of 1 Boomer Anchor which you will need as your safety backup anyway.

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